Vung Tau, Vietnam

Vung Tau was Vietnam’s first established seaside resort. Sun worshippers have been coming here to relax and unwind since 1870. In a country with 2,021 miles of coastline, that is an impressive distinction. Vung Tau is located in the tropical monsoon zone and, like much of Southeast Asia, has two seasons: rainy and dry. Due to its coastal location and nearly constant breezes, the air is refreshingly clean in Vung Tau.

Although Vung Tau is not a large city, there is more than enough to keep you busy here. There are some attractive temples and minor attractions, but the main draw is the beach. The coastal location and consistent breezes create favorable conditions for surfing, parasailing, and parasurfing.

There are dozens of bars and cafes where expats mingle, drink Vietnamese coffee or beer, and play pool. Vung Tau attracts a different type of foreigner. The majority of expats are retired, with a sizable percentage of foreign women who have taken up residency. It’s rare to walk down the street without someone offering a cheerful greeting and a smile.

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